The fiscal disaster of healthcare costs has a human toll

By Timothy Johnson, MD-Today, I come back to the tragedy of medical economics in this country. And I would apply that word “tragedy” in at least two ways. The first tragedy is that we are headed for fiscal disaster in this country because of healthcare costs. We now spend twice as much per person on healthcare as the average per person cost of all developed countries. During the past several decades, the inflation rate for healthcare costs has usually been two to three times the general inflation rate. Obviously, this level of healthcare cost increase cannot continue. It is, to … Continue reading

Post-Hospital Choice Can Save Medicare Billions

WASHINGTON — Directing Medicare beneficiaries into the most cost-efficient setting possible after a hospital stay could save the program $35 billion to $100 billion over the next decade, the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation, a home care trade association, reported Wednesday. “This isn’t a silver bullet to fix Medicare but it could make a difference,” Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.) said at a press conference where the report was issued. “Better post-acute care leads to less frequent hospital readmissions, plain and simple.” Initial hospital visits and post-acute care account for about half of all Medicare spending, report author Al … Continue reading