Why it’s important to place limits on liability by association

By Chris Rangel, MD-In June of 2006 Mary Ann Ambrogio went to see her gastroenterologist Dr. Frank Troncale in Connecticut for a follow up of her history of liver cirrhosis and associated hepatic encephalopathy. Reportedly following this visit Mrs. Ambrogio was driving home when she passed out and hit a pedestrian John Jarmie causing “severe and permanent” injuries. The injured pedestrian sued Dr. Troncale claiming malpractice under Connecticut law in that the doctor did not warn the patient not to drive given her medical conditions. After the trial court dismissed the case the plaintiff appealed and last month the Connecticut … Continue reading

Reducing the emotional impact of medical malpractice

By Kevin Pho, M.D. -Ask doctors about what concerns them the most, and chances are they’ll say, “medical malpractice.” Indeed, most physicians will be sued sometime during their careers.  A recent New England Journal of Medicine study found that 75% of doctors who practice psychiatry, pediatrics or family medicine will be sued during career.  Neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and obstetricians have it worse, as virtually all of them will be embroiled in a lawsuit sometime before they finish practicing medicine. The medical malpractice debate often pits physicians, who say the threat of malpractice pushes them to order expensive, medically unnecessary tests, … Continue reading