The difficult transition between the hospital and nursing home

KEN COVINSKY, MD | PHYSICIAN | SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 The difficult transition between the hospital and nursing home Huge numbers of older persons transition from hospitals to the nursing home. Often, an older hospitalized patient needs skilled nursing care before they are ready to return home. In other cases, a nursing home patient who needed hospitalization is returning to the nursing home. Older patients and their families certainly hope that great communication between the hospital and nursing home would assure a seamless transition in care. But a rather stunning study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society suggests the … Continue reading

Is the end near for small community hospitals?

MIKE SEVILLA, MD | PHYSICIAN | SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 Are the days numbered for Salem Community Hospital and other community hospitals around the country? Recently, a local story happened that made me think of this. The announcement was made that the Akron General Health System was being purchased by a joint venture of Cleveland Clinic and Community Health Systems (CHS). CHS is a Tennessee-based hospital operator who also owns three other hospitals in the Northeastern Ohio area where I live. Six months ago, Akron City Hospital along with the rest of the Summa Health System announced that they were joining … Continue reading

Why one-third of hospitals will close by 2020

By David Houle and Jonathan Fleece -For centuries, hospitals have served as a cornerstone to the U.S. health care system.  During various touch points in life, Americans connect with a hospital during their most intimate and extraordinary circumstances.  Most Americans are born in hospitals.  Hospitals provide care after serious injuries and during episodes of severe sickness or disease.  Hospitals are predominately where our loved ones go to die.  Across the nation, hospitals have become embedded into the sacred fabric of communities. According to the American Hospital Association, in 2011 approximately 5, 754 registered hospitals existed in the U.S., housing 942,000 … Continue reading